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As a proud partner, we collaborate with a select group of affiliates that enhance our offerings and help us deliver exceptional value to our customers. Our affiliates include industry-leading service providers all committed to providing quality, reliability, and excellence. Through these partnerships, we are able to expand our services and ensure that our customers have access to a diverse range of options that cater to their specific needs, always with the assurance of our seal of quality and customer-first approach.


Our Mission:

to help you save more and save better.


Our Promise:

great gear + great advice

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Our Focus:

real-world skills + world-class training

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Soccer Innovations is in the heart of Dallas, Texas. Located at 3322 Garden Brook Dr. Dallas, Texas 75234 and open to the public. If you are in town, visit our Showroom and see all of our unique Soccer Products.

Established in 2004, Soccer Innovations has been developing cutting edge and one of a kind Soccer Training and Soccer Coaching Equipment and Products for over 15 years.

With numerous patents and award winning products we have created a world winning brand for soccer (football) trainers, teams, coaches, players and parents world wide.

We hope you will take a look and find something worthwhile for you or yours! 

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UGKA Mission Statement

The United Goalkeeping Alliance (UGKA) emphasizes a goalkeeper culture while supporting goalkeepers around the world through every stage of their development. The UGKA is an ever-growing network of goalkeeper coaches with agreed upon goals of educating generations of goalkeepers.  Our goal is to create a goalkeeping culture and further develop every aspect of goalkeeping for participating coaches, goalkeepers, and parents alike.  Primarily, focus is on the 5 elements of a goalkeeper's development.  Those 5 areas are: tactical development, technical knowledge, physical growth, psychological balance and social connection.


Fever United Soccer Club prides itself as a competitive oriented organization with commitment to developing each individual player while promoting teamwork, confidence, sportsmanship and skill through the game of soccer. We strive to promote an environment of mutual respect that gives priority to efforts required for success on the field, in the classroom, and that demonstrate commitment within the Club by its players, parents and staff.

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